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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

welcome to Alabat quezon

We had a three day vacation in my father's homeland :P @ Alabat Quezon. It's an island, so few people know the place. Pres. Macapagal Arroyo has been successful on building a so called Roro It's a big ship that people and cars can travel overseas. Together with our very close relatives from Manila. We travelled 10 hours from Laguna to the port of Atimonan. (including the ride in that Roro). The sea was awesome too. My cousins Abdula, Marie, and the others couldn't wait to taste the sea :P *ack*. We met our relatives. It's like I was torn by two when I saw my other cousins really looking like me. :D waaaaah~ (a sigh of relief for thinking that I am not part of the family said my brother 10 years ago) Alabat is such a wonderful place. There aren't many people in the Island but the place is really beautiful. It's not my first time to Alabat. It's actually my fourth time. And it's been 7 years since I last came to that place. The scent, the trees hasn't changed a bit. :) And the road has been improved. And it's really good to know ;). There are certain foods that was originated by this place "bubog-bubog"= pure sugar that is melted and turned into candy,"bao-bao"= a bun made from rice that has sweet coconut stuffing in the inside, and the "tubog-tubog". The place is also known for "Quezon- Quezon" :D the people there is really fond of double names huh? :P

C2 Babies

A pose with
Abdula, waiting for the Roro

I was assigned to capture everything in a video cam,
while my sister is busy taking pictures of us

My cousin Diane, she looked like one of Marc's ex as described by him

My sister

My chubby cuz
Abdula again :P



1st picture:
Kuya nonoy and his friends
2nd picture:
Analysa and my bro

My cousin
Jozelle :D

After attending the mass :D
from L to R:
Abdula, jozelle,sis, kuya nonoy,and moi

kids :P

telling jokes while on board

with my sister

wrong side of the cam :P

drinking :P
the little boat we found in the sea shore

got tired of the video cam :P

Joan, and Joselle. In the Van after taking a swim

sister vanity

Marie and Bro

Stolen shots of me :P

with Onyok :P he just got off from the sea water that time

Inside the Van, "facestrated" there ain't no such thing :P

Tiyo Bune and other people. the Clacio clan :P

Sister and me. Couldn't get enough of taking pictures :D

Meet my new pet "Pong", a pastor gave it to me. And he's still alive
from the time being

Taking pictures under the sun..

The kids part 2: After attending the mass
Samuel and Jasmine

In the port of Alabat, me,
Mom, Sam and sis

they posted our tarpaulin ;P

Our relative being the Mayor of quezon-quezo, :P

another stolen shot, paparazzi

Sam and CJ
2 pigs were killed to celebrated this occasion

cooked :P with my mom, one of the chef


Onyok and his mom singing :)


froovy-josie said...

Ah, the island looks beautiful! I wish I could go there! Your family seem really nice :)
Haha, the double names are cool :D

sheri amor said...

haha you think so? I do too :) well thanks for dropping by as usual josie mwah hugs

Dong Ho said...

we are planning to go there next month. which beach would you recommend? do you also know the roro schedule from atimonan to alabat? thanks!

heiress said...

hi. I saw from another blog that you also went there. can you share some contact numbers? like La Villanueva Beach Resort? numbers posted in their FB acct are not updated. than you ao much! :)

heiress said...

hi. can you share contact numbers from people of Alabat, and beaches there? I saw in another blog that you went there. thank you so much!